The U.S Consulate Mumbai celebrated Janmashtami with an infectious energy, check out the U.S Consulate Mumbai staff attempting their very first Dahi Handi this Janmashtami.

This is a reenactment of  the Janmashtami celebration, as today a lot of Govindas celebrate Janmashtami or Krishnashtami by forming a human chain and trying to break an earthen pot of buttermilk. According to the legends Lord Krishna and his friends used to try breaking earthen pots in Vrindavan to steal curd and butter. The same is reenacted during the celebration.

In this video, the members of U.S Consulate try to they form a human chain and try to reach the pot but fail to do so. Then the group attempts at a funny take and make use of a rope, they play music in order to make the rope stand up straight and fail miserably at it. And in the end when they try to hop onto a chair and still fail at reaching the Handi, they try the Mumbai style! Yes they form a human chain, get atop of each other and manage to break the Dahi Handi!

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They are known to promote mutual understanding between the people of western India and United States by engaging in various educational, cultural and exchange programmes.

Janmashtami or Krishnashtami celebrates the birth of lord Krishna, the eight avatar of Vishnu. The festivity grips the people on the eight day (ashtami) of Shravan.