The Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is reportedly a hotspot for alien enthusiasts, as there have been many unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings regularly reported in the area atop a volcanic hot spot. The park spread in parts of Montana and Idaho is yet again in news this time for yet another UFO sighting. The eerie moment was caught on CCTV back on June 9, the the video has once again surfaced on the internet and is going viral! (ALSO READ Aliens Are Watching? Video of 3 UFO Orbs Flying Below International Space Station is Going Viral).

The grainy video footage that surfaced online shows a bright and shiny object zipping across the sky over Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. It is seem moving in a zig zag manner over the super volcano. It first emerges from behind a hill and then starts appearing bigger and brighter. It then flies higher into the air with the smoke from the volcanic spot also filmed in the video in the backdrop. Check out the video below to witness the eerie moment when another UFO was sighted in the park. (ALSO READ UFO seen in NASA video? Watch bizarre alien ship coming close to the International Space Station!).

Reports mention that, going all the way back in 1871, there have been as many as hundreds of UFO sightings reported in 3,500-square mile national park atop a volcanic hot spot; Yellowstone National Park.

In 2016, another video was unveiled on the internet when another glowing alien spacecraft was spotted by the alien enthusiasts over Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.