Same sex maariage in United Kingdon

Many stories of homophobia emerged from dark dingy closets that were created by the same society that boasts of equality and equal rights. But being biased towards the same sex partnerships make us realize that we are growing into being a world that judges more, loves less.

UK held its first gay wedding at the strike of midnight on Saturday starting when the law came into effect. David Cameron, the prime minister, hailed what he said was an “important moment for our country”, and a rainbow flag flew above government offices in London in celebration.

The gay marriage law is the final victory in a long battle stretching back to the decriminalization of homosexuality in England in 1967.Civil partnerships were being accepted since 2005 ,but the right to get married gives them a new hope to be treated as equals and not an all together different sect. That law wasn’t repealed until 2003. Yet when Parliament legalized same-sex marriage in July,.”This weekend is an important moment for our country,” “Put simply, in Britain it will no longer matter whether you are straight or gay – the state will recognise your relationship as equal.” said the minister.

The Church of England had opposed same-sex marriage initially, insisting that weddings should only take place between a man and a woman which is the natural course of act, and secured an exemption from  the new law.

The House of Bishops last month also warned clergy they should not bless married gay couples. But later, accepted the new law.

Since Gay is always synonymous with the lesser, the stereotypes are invading the brains of everyone at a very young age and it’s influencing our society. Amidst this natural versus unnatural debate, it is evident that  we are prejudiced against anything that doesn’t procreate. The preconceptions of gay people and their lifestyles need to be changed.