Facebook has recently allowed video ads to play automatically in the news feed. Users are not too happy with the new development, and many have voiced their displeasure on the same.

The video advertisements begin to play even when a user has not clicked on it, making it a disturbance when one is using the social networking site. If you thought you could avoid the annoyance of these video ads by using Facebook on your mobile, then you are wrong – these ads are also auto-playing there.

As soon as a user is scrolling through their home page to check out what their friends and family have uploaded, they are bombarded by several video ads that continuously play, one by one. Though the videos are on mute unless you click on them, their presence is equally distracting.

Finally, the team over at Facebook has now created a way to prevent this. The process is relatively simple to carry out, but is effective in giving you back that smooth user interface and uninterrupted browsing of your newsfeed.

The settings that prevents these video ads from playing will have to be worked on every device that you use to access Facebook, since the setting applies only to the browser and not to the Facebook account itself.


For your PC

In order to remove videos from Facebook while using your desktop, laptop, or even tablet, follow these steps.

There is a drop-down menu on the top extreme right hand corner of the site. From the menu, click on Settings. From the menu of Facebook settings on the left, as shown, click on Videos.

You will see the Auto-Play Videos setting. Simply click the “On” box and change it to “Off.” This will stop the ads from playing.

This method works on all browsers, except Safari. Those who use Safari, especially the users with a Mac, will have to try using another browser like Chrome or Firefox because the ‘Auto-Play Videos’ setting apparently does not show up here.


For your Android device

To be honest, there is no way that one can fully disable the video ads when one is using an Android device. It is,howeve, possible to do so when you are not using Wi-fi.

First, after opening Facebook, open the left side-bar, and click on the ‘App Settings’ option. The option can be accessed in a menu. This menu is obtained by clicking on the box with the three lines on it, in the right hand corner.

In the list, you will see a check-box option, titled ‘Auto-Play Videos on Wi-FIOnly’. Select it, as shown above.


For your iOS device

Similar to the Android devices, even the iOS devices cannot disable the ads completely, but only do so when you are not using Facebook on Wi-fi.

On the home screen of your iOS device, click on the iOS Settings app. Then, open up Facebook settings from there.

Under the settings, you will see the heading ‘Video’ and the option ‘Auto-Play on Wi-Fi Only’. Switch that option on.

However, this will not work for all iOS devices, since those like the Wifi-only iPad will not disable the ads in the first place.