New Delhi, Nov 29: Prominent television news anchor Anjana Om Kashyap exhibited a faux pas which made her trend on social media on Tuesday. During the opening segment of her flagship show Halla Bol on Aaj Tak, Kashyap almost used ‘Modi’ as suffix to her name instead of Kashyap. The video was shared widely by trolls on social media, who are ideologically at loggerheads with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The trolls have accused her of committing the error due to her alleged pro-Modi stance. The widely shared video of Kashyap also brings to light that the Twitter is not only flooded by ‘bhakts’ committed to BJP, but also their counterparts who are supporters of Congress, AAP and other anti-BJP outfits.

Many of the Twitter users who shared the footage are supporters of AAP. The sympathisers and keyboard warriors of the party are miffed with Kashyap due to the manner in which she treated senior AAP leader and renowned journalist Ashish Khetan in one of her TV debates. “Aapki aukaat nahi hai is channel ki dehleez pe khade hone ki (You don’t deserve to stand at this stage),” she told Khaitan.