Vladimir Putin is a tough leader and there is no denying this fact. It is a universal truth, period. It takes a hell lot of effort to see him smiling in pictures and foreign diplomacy is no cakewalk. It is a live wire that must be trudged with immense caution and difficulty. Exchanging appropriate gifts which will not harbor any ill feelings or give rise to unnecessary altercations between countries or ruffle feathers in a bad way is a laborious and important task. This task has been well traversed by Turkmenistan who gifted Vladimir Putin with a pup for his 56th birthday. Russian President Vladimir Putin loves dogs and Turkmenistan’s President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gifted him with an adorable puppy knowing full well that the Russian President is partial towards canines. Obviously, the people on Twitter could not let this fact lie down and soon the pictures of the Russian President playing with the pup became a viral and hilarious meme.

The Russian President was presented with a shepherd dog which is locally known as Alabai in Sochi, Russia. According to Reuters, the President was also presented with handmade carpets and the racehorses of Akhal Teke breed which is officially a part of Turkmenistan’s national heritage. According to reports, Vladimir Putin named the pup as Verny which means “faithful” in Russian. The photos of the pup with the President soon gave rise to a horde of hilarious memes and captions. Sample a few below.

Vladimir Putin showing everyone how to hold a puppy

Holding a puppy by the scruff of its neck is not right

They named him Puptin

Turkmenistan really needs to be taught how to treat a puppy

The human side is quite endearing

Putin loves the puppy, humans eh, not so much

The puppy definitely made Vladimir Putin’s day but the Turkmenistan people definitely need lessons on how to handle a pup. Holding the dog by the scruff of his neck is definitely not the way. Russian President Vladimir Putin definitely came to the pup’s rescue and cradled it the way a lovable animal should.