Any of us born from the eighties, through the nineties will remember the fun we had with a Walkman. All we had to do was put a cassette into the portable player, attach the headphones to it and turn it on to listen to our favourite songs.

Ah, those were the days. But have these beloved players really drifted into the unknown? If you take a look at these kids, you’ll start to believe that.

A group of kids, some even old enough to be in their teens, are visibly confused when given a Walkman. Their cluelessness makes everyone who knows about the music player seem old.

The video has been created by The Fine Brothers, a new media production duo composed of Rafi and Benny Fine. Titled “Kids React to Walkmans”, the children in the video attempt to figure out what the Walkman is and what it does. The puzzled look that they have as they get a close look and feel of the Walkman will definitely make those who have used one, uncomfortable.

The video is the latest one in The Fine Brothers’ ‘React’ series, the kids seem stumped in the presence of the brick-like machine, and try to understand it, with mixed results. All the kids are under thirteen years of age, which meant that none of them were millenials – they were all born on or after the year 2000.

It is important to know about the Sony Walkman – as it was the first personal music player, and it was also portable. The Walkman was created in Japan and made its debut in 1979, which means that it turns 35 this year. However, if the video is anything to go by, this iconic gadget is finally starting to show its age.

The kids in the video are less than impressed with this contraption. Leaving aside the fact that only one of them knew what it was, quite a few were unable to even open the Walkman in the first place! One of them mistook it for a phone, and some of them did not know what a cassette was and where to put it. While some just stare at the Walkman, still other kids prod it. The funniest part was when a kid received a pair of headphones. He looked at them and said that his grandfather had them.

So who was the one child who did identify it? It should have been the oldest of the lot, correct? Well, wrong. The device was identified as a Walkman by an eight year old girl, Samirah. She even went on to say, “It just amazes me how technology has changed.” That’s some knowledge for a little kid like her.

So why did the brothers choose to make a video on the Walkman? Well, they had earlier done a similar video on the rotary phone, but wanted to expose the kids to a comparatively newer device. This was done to see how much the technological gap was.

According to the Fine brothers, they were amazed by how fast the world changed, and how new discoveries impact it. They added that humans had evolved really quickly, and we tend to take for granted how far we have come.

They also said, “Honestly, if we gave younger kids even an iPod, they may not fully know how to use it, and the fact it isn’t also a phone would make it obsolete to them. Reflection and nostalgia combined – we love it.”

Watching these kids can make us feel older than we are, but in order to appreciate the technology we currently have, we need to remind ourselves of what we had in the past.

Watch the funny video here.