feeling high

With alcoholism and drug abuse on such a rise, it is necessary to spread awareness about various other ways that can get you high- naturally. Now say no to substance abuse and any time you feel like getting high follow the following tricks.

Exercise: In the first glimpse most of you all would beg to differ but few minutes after an intense exhausting workout you will experience a rush of energy ad if you just had 4 cups of coffee. Exercising releases endorphins into your body, giving you loads of energy.

Shopping: Yes, ladies would agree to me on this. A recent psychological study shows that shopping can elevate your mood. So next time you are low do not hesitate to skim through your purse and buy the tiniest of things to feel a happy high.

Watch Comedy Shows/Films: Laughter is indeed the best therapy. Indulge yourself in some comedy watching to elevate you mood. Call a bunch of friends, socialize and laugh it off.

Eating: Several times eating comfort foods or sugary snacks can make you happy but the key to this way of feeling high remains in eating a good healthy meal that will replenish the nutrients in your body and cure the hormonal imbalance that cause you to be moody.

Get a Massage: As most of you all will know, a massage can leave you all in an extreme relaxed and calm state. A state of peace, an next level of high. After a massage you may be so relaxed that you may find it difficult to walk straight or perform any coordinated tasks.

Yoga: Yoga is soothing and it helps you achieve a natural high. It expels all the negative energy leaving you refreshed. It too, releases endorphins in the body that provide energy.

Do Daring Things: Feel your adrenaline rushing through your body. That feeling of being copiously alert or excited. From daring stunts like sky diving and bungee jumping to a simple rule breaking in school, all will leave you with this jittery high feeling. Hence never be afraid to try new things and achieve exhilarating experiences.