This is a funny banned Superbowl commercial 2014 starring none other than Kate Upton. Watch Kate Upton starring in a film produced by Bruce Weber ‘It Had To Be You’. The video starts with black and white footage starring models Kate Upton, Aaron O’Connell, Matthew Vande Vegte, Tim Easton and Casey Levens in a grooming session. Then it takes you to snippets of Kate riding a horse, running around semi naked with a guy and then topless in a pool.

Kate Upton and her bounteous bosom are well appreciated by fashion magazines since there are a lot of fans of big-busted fashion. The fascination with women’s breasts in Kate’s case is a brief flirtation. The video has voluptuous Kate frolicking and have a great time in her pool party. But other than just seeing Kate in bikini tops, you will also get to see a glimpse of her elegant side in a sheer maroon gown. This video contains the snippets from the Superbowl banned commercial 2014. Watch the video below!