Famous brands are adapting a realistic approach for advertising their products. After some compelling advertisements by Oppo Mobiles and Fortune Foods, Pepsi has come up with this ad that will take you down the memory lane. Titled as ‘School Khatam Ho Raha Hai, Dosti Nahi’ this advertisement is a treat for all those who have left a chunk of memories back in the school days.

This piece of video almost covers each and every single thing; we used to do in our school time, scribbling our name on walls, having our food before recess, sharing funny moments on the stairs of school premises, and finally mocking our friends in suits and sarees on the farewell party. Backed with soothing music and heart-wrenching lyrics, this ad is the example of perfect marketing.

We will leave you with a soulful line from the ad, “Baithe-Baithe Back Benches Par, Humne Toh Seekha, Seekha Bass This Much, Ke Baant Ke Khaao Toh Daant Bhi Lagti Hai Achi.”