“Look! It’s a bird… It’s a plane! No! It’s Superman!” Superman is one of the best superheroes the world has ever known. He’s sometimes considered America’s culture icon. Born in the planet Krypton, Superman has superhuman powers. Many heroes have superpowers, but Superman is the only one with superpowers that can survive and prosper. But nothing beats his superpower of flight.

Because of that, we’ve all wished we could fly like Superman and this kid is no exception. At just 16 months old, this baby (Simon Gill) has become an internet hit. His dad recorded his fascinated reaction when he sees The Man of Steel fly for the first time. The little toddler feels amazed watching Superman fly while sitting delightfully on his dad’s lap! Let’s just hope he doens’t try it at home!

Watch the kid’s adorable reactions in the video below: