While grabbing a can of coke and washing it down your throat, has it ever crossed your mind what would happen if you boil Coca-Cola? This video will help you to know how much sugar your favourite fizzy drink contains.

In this video 500 ml of coke is boiled in a saucepan. Watch your favourite cold drink bubbling up and boiling fervently!

The liquid is boiled for a good 25 minutes and it turns gradually into thicker consistency and attains the viscosity of cough syrup. The liquid turns into a gooey dark paste which only consists of the left out caramelized sugar and flavor. The thick black goop might be very unappetizing to look and will scare off the diet conscious people to know how much sugar is used in each bottle of Coca-Cola!

After watching the video you will think twice before gulping down your next Coca-ola can!

Watch the video below.