Himachal Pradesh is known for its beautiful sceneries and photogenic locations. However, the northern state is most known for its supply of charas or cannabis from Parvati Valley. The larger Kullu-Manali region of Himachal Pradesh has made news once again because of its connection to drugs like marijuana (weed) and charas. Weed sellers have technological progressed in the state and are now selling their produce online, on the social media platform, Instagram. The sale of marijuana is made by tracking the social media trends and capturing the online market of potential users. This shocking trade is being made with the help of social media and speed post. 74-Year-Old Man stoned his church members by giving them Weed Cookies in Bloomington, Indiana.

The drug dealers locate their targets by searching through hashtags and locating enthusiastic travelers who have been to the Himachal recently. The suppliers follow these travelers and once the person accepts their follow request, the get DMs or personal messaged from the page owners inquiring if they are interested in the consumption of drugs. The transfer of money is made via online banking, and the accounts claim to deliver the drugs to any given address! What? NASA to pay USD 18000 to smoke weed? This fake news has gone viral!

A Hindustan Times report revealed that various Instagram accounts offer to sell charas, weed and other drugs to people by simply asking if they want “stuff” or “maal’. The delivery is made via speed post in this disturbing transaction! The users have only stuck to using Instagram as their source of clients and have been assuring people that the police will not be an issue.

Charas production and consumption has been a huge issue for Himachal Pradesh that needs to be curbed. However, Kullu SP Padam Chand said, “Look, charas is sold here and is sent outside too. That’s a fact. And we constantly work on curbing it. We did get some input about such manner of selling (via social media) some months ago, but nothing much came of it. Maybe these people are duping people. We are on it.”

The police are not able to surface enough evidence to put an end to this new age drug trafficking. Meanwhile, people have been approached by various accounts that are offering these drugs, bringing forward a new face of the dark web. The problems of drug addiction has been gripping India at an alarming rate and we sure hope that this technologically savvy means of sales for drugs comes to an end very soon!