A skydiver throws his camera out of a moving plane traveling some thousands of feet above the ground. What the camera does, is capture the world in a total psychedelic manner while increasing its speed of fall.

While the camera keeps spinning downwards to the ground, you will notice that its frame rate can’t keep up with the visuals – creating an effect of a TV that has disoriented pictures or a kaleidoscope. And after the effect, the camera luckily lands into a pig pen a little less than 30 seconds after initially being dropped from the plane.

The lucky one to find the camera in the pen is no other than your friendly pig, who’s very curious to know what fell into his pigpen before giving it a good amount of licking.

All in all, the video is remarkable and the one who uploaded the video said he recovered the camera 8 months after the video. Lucky drop or not, this has instigated an ongoing debate on YouTube as to whether the whole video is real or fake! Have your say in the poll.

Check out the video below:
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