Ever wondered what languages sound like to foreigners? This video will definitely satisfy your curiosity. ‘It is all Latin and Greek to me’ is the most commonly used phrase when we don’t understand a thing! This video will be all Latin and Greek to you, except its quite funny.

This video was uploaded by a young Finnish women Sara a.k.a Smoukahontas, whose popularity is growing massively on YouTube as an entertainer.The video has already gained 9,645,195 hits on YouTube and is doing many rounds on the internet.  In this video, she goes ahead and imitates languages all over the world, (Yeah she speaks gibberish) but she almost nails every language except Hindi! She somewhat doesn’t get the accent as well as the pronunciation right there.

Astonishingly, she gets Arabic and UK English spot on! Also, her French accent is simply delicious. What you must know, that she isn’t actually speaking the languages, she is just imitating them ( Which is quite brilliant!). So, just enjoy being blah in the whole video, and don’t try to find sense in her sentences ( they don’t make any!). The whole point of the video is to give you a feeling where you don’t understand a foreign language, but nevertheless you are still fascinated by it.

She has done a fabulous job and we must say the video is quite entertaining. Let us know what you think about it!