In a groundbreaking breakthrough police case, a new fingerprint technique was used to sentence a drug-dealing gang from a Whatsapp photo message. These kind of techniques are the future of investigations and are being used by police to get to criminals.The picture in question being investigated was found on the phone of a drug dealing suspect who was later arrested in Bridgend through a WhatsApp picture which displayed a man’s hand holding ecstasy pills.

The picture was sent to South Wales Police’s scientific unit and helped in getting 11 convictions. These are the first of its kind convictions from fingerprints in pictures in Wales.

This has led to investigators using the content on phones as evidence against potential suspects and criminals.The photograph in question was used after indications came out of drugs being sold from a house in Bridgend. The police then raided the house and found gorilla glue in bulk which is a type of Cannabis.

Even though the picture in question had only parts of the hand which were visible it was difficult to run the fingerprints partially and have something return on the national database. Though they could not convict the person without evidence this meant that they had potential evidence to nail the drug dealer. The picture was then sent to the South Wales Police department’s lab and this brought about 11

As per BBC reports the officers said that this is a groundbreaking breakthrough and that the other officers were now looking more closely at phones and its contents for investigating and using it to indict potential criminals. Even though the technique of fingerprinting is very old, it’s being used in new and innovative ways.

The reports also said that these technologies will help them advance quickly in investigations and lead to a quicker turn around with a bigger success rate.