Though there will be several exceptions, but in general if you see, usually it’s the girls that get tipsy and drunk way faster than a guy? Why is it so? No, we aren’t faking it (at least most of us aren’t!). There are several biological reasons behind this.

Men and women process alcohol differently in their systems. Women get more intoxicated as their Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) will be much higher even if the guy drank the same amount and is of the same size and weight. There are numerous reasons for this:

Men have more water content in their body than women: Water makes up 52%-53% of a woman’s body as against 61% in men. Water helps to dilute the alcohol, hence a man’s body can dilute more alcohol than a woman who in turn has an increased BAC level after drinking the same amount.

A woman’s liver secretes ADH in much lesser quantity than a man’s liver: Compared to men, women’s liver releases less alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), an enzyme that helps to break alcohol down, thereby increasing the alcohol concentration in the blood.

Hormonal differences: Girls’ tend to have a slower alcohol metabolism   right before and during their menstrual cycles. Also during these times, owing to hormonal changes, the alcohol breakdown would happen much slowly, thereby intoxicating the woman faster.

Women have a higher proportion of body fat than men of the same weight: Alcohol can’t be dissolved in fat, so more alcohol becomes concentrated in a woman’s body fluids (like blood), raising her BAC to a higher level than that of a man of similar weight who drinks the same amount of alcohol.

Usually women are smaller than men: In general, a woman will be smaller and tinier than a man. Hence owing to a lesser volume, the woman will have a higher BAC level than a man.

Hence, girls don’t go for beer to beer with a guy cause this time they indeed have a biological advantage.