Two wild boars charged into a Japanese school and caused havoc while the students were giving their exams. They even took a dip in the school pool forcing students to interrupt their exams. A television video shows the wild boars causing pandemonium in the school and charging around in the classroom. One of the wild boars kept charging around the classroom and bashing its snout against a window in order to escape the school and go back into the wild. The incident happened in the western Japanese city of Kyoto. The other boar was frolicking in the school pool taking a soothing dip much to the astonishment of the pupils. The wild boars entered the Japanese school and disrupted the ongoing midterm examinations for some time.

A male pupil told Nippon TV, “I was very surprised to see it.” He further added that the pigs moved at “super” speed. Students were taking their mid-term exams on Monday when the boars’ adventures disrupted their examinations. It was reported by the public broadcaster NHK that the examinations continued after some unwelcome interruption. A video of the boars’ adventures was uploaded on Twitter. 12-Foot-Long Python Captured in Allahabad College Campus by Botany Professor, Video Shows him Tackling the Snake With Dexterity

Watch video here:

The boars met with an unfortunate end when they were shot dead with stun guns and were “confirmed dead when they were captured,” as reported by AFP on Thursday. Apparently, wild boars have been sighted more often now since observers believe that over-development has deprived them of their natural habitat.