With the Valentine’s Day fever catching up, it is a ‘love is in the air scenario’ for your friends while a routine day for you. There are pleasant surprises for your friends, constant texting and love quotes for them from their respective partners while you wait for your share of the treat endlessly. You could be in this situation because your partner could be very unromantic at heart.

Twitter is abuzz with tweeples taking a go at the #MostUnRomantic contest where they are tweeting about what according to them is the most unromantic thing.

He or she may take you on the most boring dates, may not mouth Bollywood dialogues, have a bizarre taste in choosing gifts for you but it clearly does not mean he is not in love with you, but finds difficulty in expressing the same. So sit back and enjoy some of the best tweets on #MostUnRomantic and have a hearty laugh. (Also read- The best tweets on what #FirstLoveIs)

Kejriwal and Ambani’s love

Kejriwals’ attitude towards Mukesh Ambani is #MostUnromantic

— Madhavan Narayanan (@madversity) February 11, 2014

Late Night conversations on studies

Awww moment

Ctrl C and Ctrl V

Password Please

 Second hand gift



 You should immediately stop that

Lets see (pun intended)

Haww moment (wide eyed)

 Well this is sheer disappointment