Even in today’s day and age when women work to earn a living for their families and are the breadwinner still the gender roles are not equal. Misogyny and sexism are so steeped in our patriarchal society that even if a woman goes for higher studies she is still relegated to doing household chores or taking care of the family after she gets married. In fact most parents don’t want their daughters to ever step out of the home and earn a living even though she might be a university topper. A Facebook post by Darla Halyk, a mother and blogger, wrote how household chores continue to be divided based on perceived gender roles. Her powerful Facebook post has gone viral for the truth it unfolds about patriarchy.

Darla Halyk, in her Facebook post, wrote how she realized that there was a hierarchy in her home and chores were designated by gender. She wrote, “Blue jobs for my brother, and pink jobs for me. Mom did the cleaning, cooking, and most everything needed to make our house a home. Dad mowed the lawn, fixed the cars, and played with my brother and I until he could barely keep his eyes open. An amazing Father. It took me a long time to understand why my Mother scowled at my Dad when the three of us entered the house after an incredible summer night digging in the sandbox. That realization came fast and furious once I had kids and a marriage of my own.” Daughter’s sexist and misogynistic homework rewritten by the mother, her version goes viral for the right reasons

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Darla Halyk wrote, “Stop calling women nags and bitches. Start doing your job as their partner so they don’t have to complain about the shit you don’t want to do. This isn’t about men helping women to run the house, it’s about men actually seeing that it isn’t only a woman’s job. If I learned anything from my superhuman Mother, it is: “I can do it all, but all of it is not mine to do.” Is James Bond Sexist? YouTube Compilation Video of Inappropriate Scenes From Bond Movies Suggests Likewise

Darla Halyk blames the patriarchy for the way women are always given the bad end of the stick. She reminisces how her brother and she were handed daily chores but her workload was much heavier and regular than him. She also said that how the women have to beg her husband to clean the toilet or help around the house, a fact that she should not have to do as it is the man’s mess in the first place and running a household is the responsibility of both the houses.