Actress Rose McGowan’s Twitter account was suspended this week after she tweeted revealing sexual harassment allegations against Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein. McGowan on Thursday said that Twitter had suspended her from tweeting stating that she has broken its rules. She had also tweeted several times this week against Ben Affleck. McGowan on her Instagram account said, “there are powerful forces at work”. She wrote, “Be my voice.” McGowan’s suspension caused a backlash on social media with Twitter users criticising the micro-blogging site for trying to silence an alleged victim of sexual harassment. Following which Twitterati are calling on users not to use the social networking site for one day as her account was temporarily limited for violating its policies.

Rose McGowan's Twitter Account Suspended After She Speaks Out Against Harvey Weinstein And Ben Affleck

Rose McGowan's Twitter Account Suspended After She Speaks Out Against Harvey Weinstein And Ben Affleck

#WomenBoycottTwitter which is trending on Twitter is urging people to not use the social media on October 13 in protest against Twitter and support of the actress. Actress Jessica Chastain and TV personality Anthony Bourdain were among those who questioned Twitter’s action. McGowan has also been tweeting in support of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual abuse victims and calling out other alleged Hollywood personalities involved in similar acts.

Here is Rose McGowan’s Instagram post:


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And here is how Twitterati is supporting the actress:

Following criticisms, Twitter tweeted saying that McGowan’s account was blocked because it included a personal number. The social networking platform in a tweet mentioning that the tweet has been removed and her account is unlocked.

Here is what Twitter said:

The topic came to limelight after McGowan tweeted following a New York Times report which revealed decades of sexual harassment allegations against Weinstein. The story included the account of multiple women, including Ashley Judd who accused Weinstein of sexual harassment. According to the newspaper, Weinstein has “reached at least eight settlements with women” including one allegedly with McGowan back in 1997. Following the article, McGowan tweeted saying, “Women fight on. And to the men out there, stand up. We need you as allies. #bebrave.” The NYT report said that the USD 100,000 settlement to McGowan was ‘not to be construed as an admission by Mr Weinstein, but intended to avoid litigation and buy peace’.