World Aids Day is celebrated today. This event is celebrated annually around the globe and now it has become one of the most recognized international health days. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome also known as AIDS was first identified in 1981 and it was soon named as AIDS in 1982. World Aids Day is celebrated to increase the social awareness of AIDS pandemic which is caused by the HIV infection. Every single year there are large number of people who are dying due to this dangerous disease and as per the official reports, in 2012 around 36 million people have died due to this.

Earlier, people were not aware about AIDS and were even affected by HIV infection which was been outcasted from the society. More than 35 million people are suffering from this disease. President of United States officially started broadcasting world Aids day in the year 1995. Amongst all AIDS patients 2,70,000 approximately are children who are suffering from the deadly virus. World Aids Day is celebrated by the Government organizations which include NGO’s, civil society and other officials. World Aids Day gives the opportunity to increase awareness and an easy access of treatment along with various preventive measures. ALSO READ: World Aids Day 2016: Top Quotes, WhatsApp Status, Facebook Messages & SMS which can increase the awareness among people!

2016 World Aids Day theme is ‘Hands up for #HIVprevention’. There are millions of HIV/AIDS affected people all around the world, today we have listed down top 7 inspirational messages in support of HIV. We hope, this would inspire and give them the needed courage.

Whatsapp reads: “HIV does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and given them a hug: Heaven knows they need it.” –Princess Diana

Whatsapp reads: “I enjoy being the messenger for God in terms of letting people know about HIV and AIDS.” –Magic Johnson

Whatsapp reads: My having HIV has no bearing on my business. Magic Johnson

Whatsapp reads: We can sharply deflect the curve of HIV incidence – Anthony Fauci

Whatsapp reads: For many people with HIV, finding the right doctor is the most important decision they’ll make – David Mixner

Whatsapp reads: HIV brings out the best and the worst in humanity, and the laws reflect these attitudes – Shereen El Feki