Third world war has been feared to be the end of the world for decades now. However, ever since Donald Trump was elected as the President of United States, there have been increased rumours of World War III becoming a possibility. And these rumours are now increasing as Clairvoyant Horacio Villegas has predicted that the third world war will begin on 13th May 2017. With the unique and invasive methods of President Donald Trump which has openly challenged and ridiculed various countries, the tension in the world has been rising and to add to this, the ‘Messenger of God’ has claimed that the world is heading for a nuclear war and he also claimed that President Donald Trump will be the one to initiate the third World War. The mystic who predicted Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections claims that he had a vision about this catastrophic event. Third World War will begin on 13th May? Agra astrologers conduct special shanti yagna to prevent World War 3.

Horacio Villegas has made various predictions to date revolving around the United States President Donald Trump and had prophesied that Trump would attack Syria. Villegas says that World War III will begin on the 100th anniversary of the ciitation of Our Lady of Fatima on 13th May 2017 and his prediction does not end there. The clairvoyant who had the vision in a dream revealed that he saw ‘balls of fire falling from the sky and hitting the Earth.’ Villegas claimed that President Trump will be named as the ‘Illuminati King’ and will begin the third world war. The self-proclaimed supernatural being claimed that North Korea would be the next target for the United States of America. North Korea warns United States, says ‘we are ready for war’.

The tension between the US and North Korea are extremely high as the countries as pitting against each other. The recent attack on Syria which was planned and executed caused a lot of distress between North Korea, China and Russia. North Korea had already warned the US to stay away from them when they tried to pressure around the Nuclear weapons in North Korea. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently warned that they have a super-mighty pre-emptive strike planned.

President Donald Trump is not taking this warning lightly and has warned of a possibility of a “major conflict”. The United States President said that if the diplomatic way fails, the matters will deteriorate quickly. In this time, the North Korean forces have turned to ASEAN for support and help in putting an end to the fear of “nuclear holocaust.” China has already called back its people from North Korea and the world is full of hints that the Third World War is just about to begin.

Horacio Villegas’ vision causes a lot of tension as people contemplate the possibility of another world war, and this time a nuclear one. The exact date being predicted by the self-proclaimed seer marks the 100th anniversary of the Visitation of Virgin Mary. According to beliefs, the Virgin Mary has visited Fatima in Portugal on six different occasions, and the last visit was marked on May 13, 1917. Our Lady had announced the end of World War during this visit and asked the soldiers to return home soon.

The clairvoyant has made various other prophecies and has claimed to have visions in the past as well. Horacio Villegas claimed that he was kept single by the almighty above with no children so that he can focus on delivering God’s messages to his people. According to him, “The main message that people need to know in order be prepared is that between May 13th and October 13, 2017, this war will occur and be over with much devastation, shock and death!”