Tumours are groups of abnormal cells that form lumps or unwanted growth which can turn cancerous as well as harmful if left untreated for long. Many times, people fail to realize that their ailments are caused by tumours and discard the lumps as small swellings or benign growth. Doctors and surgeons have cured and helped many people by surgically removing their tumours, but sometimes they face such bizarre cases that astonish and surprise them. In one such case, a woman was diagnosed with the world’s biggest tumour which was found in her kidney. The woman who is 28-year-old is a resident of Darbhanga, Bihar and was complaining of a lump on her right side for the past three years. Mumbai doctors removed the tumour which turned out to be the world’s biggest tumour from the woman’s kidneys. Indian Origin UK Surgeon In Birmingham Removes 27 Contact Lenses Stuck In Woman’s Eye

Manju Devi who is 28-year-old had been complaining of a lump on her right side which was left untreated for the past three years. When she went to the doctors in Mumbai, they conducted a scan and were astonished to see the results. The scan revealed that Manju had a 31 by 19 cm mass or a tumour in her body. The tumour which was found in her kidney was 50 times the size of the organ and has been confirmed as the world’s biggest renal tumour ever discovered and surgically removed. Chinese Young Woman Goes Partially Blind After Playing Mobile Game

The kidneys’ normal weight is about 110 to 140 grams but the tumour removed from Manju Devi’s kidney weighs around 5.5 kg. The heavy mass in her abdomen prevented her from doing her household and daily chores and the malignant tumour had grown over her intestines and pancreas. Thanks to the doctors she will be able to lead a normal and healthy life now.