The world’s smallest GSM Phone, Elari NanoPhone C was recently launched in India. The tiny phone, which claims to be the size of a credit card is a feature phone with a dual SIM Slot. The NanoPhone C is available on Delhi-based e-commerce platform The new anti-smartphone by Elari is loaded with the specifications of a normal phone and is priced at Rs 3,940. The light weight bar phone is extremely easy to handle and paired with any smartphone, including iPhones and Android devices, via Bluetooth to make or receive calls. The mobile phone can help to have multiple benefits and aims at helping people disconnect from the social media or have an additional number to be accessible. World’s most expensive mobile phone Vertu Signature Cobra limited edition is here! You can buy 7,500 Nokia 3310s for price of one.

The Russian company behind this tiny but technologically advanced device is finally launching this product in India with the Delhi-based platform and are extremely excited about the potential of the bar phone in India. Manikant Jain, CEO, said, “Elari’s new ‘anti-smartphone’ model ‘NanoPhone C’ is an innovative, high-value product which is a bestseller in its category worldwide. We could not wait to bring this technically-advanced, designer mobile phone to the Indian consumers.” The nano phone can be paired with any smartphone and has 1-inch TFT display, 32GB microSD and microSIM card slots, MP3 player, FM radio and alarm. Nokia 150 available for sale in India: Where & how to buy new Nokia feature phone at best price

Specifications of Elari NanoPhone C GSM mobile

Elari NanoPhone C 1

The Elari NanoPhone C GSM mobile phone has no camera. However, the bar phone comes with a one-inch display and 3.5mm audio jack. Weighing merely 30 grams, the tiny mobile comes in three colours, Black, Rose Gold, Silver and has a resolution of 96×128 pixels. The dual SIM GSM phone comes with a non-removable long lasting 280 mAh battery with a life of up to four days in standby mode. The Bluetooth enabled bar phone has no tech-savvy features like camera, wifi or expandable memory and comes with the aim of hiding your smartphones and has an internal memory of 32 GB.

Features of Elari NanoPhone C GSM

Elari NanoPhone C 2

The idea behind Elari NanoPhone is to connect the bar phone with your heavy and expensive smartphones, which helps you to operate the phone via the tiny GSM mobile. With a tagline of Hide your smartphone, the Elari NanoPhone C can be paired with your smartphone and used to make and receive calls via Bluetooth with less risk to your health, as the BT module emits much lower radiation than the smartphone antenna. In addition to this option, people can also copy up to 1000 contacts to the bar phone and head for a digital detox away from the Internet, messengers, or social networks, while staying reachable by phone or text.
In addition to these basic features, the Elari NanoPhone C comes with Magic Voice function that can help you prank call your friends with a funny sounding voice.

Price in India

Elari NanoPhone C 3

With various functions like MP3 player, FM radio, voice recorder with phone calls recording function, the Elari NanoPhone C is priced at a minimal amount of Rs Rs 3,940. The basic phone is a nice way to have basic controls while keeping your phone away from the prying eyes and using it for basic functions, especially in a country like India, where theft is extremely high. The NannoPhone C Mobile phone can also be used is by installing an additional SIM card into ‘Nano-C’, pair it with smartphones and use either of the two numbers to make and receive calls with access to both phonebooks.
The basic feature phone is the perfect choice for a digital detox and is being termed as an innovative and high-value product. “For digital detox, you can copy up to 1,000 contacts from smartphone to ‘Nano-C’ with a single click, put in your SIM card, and leave your smartphone at home to be away from the Internet, messengers or social networks,” the company highlighted the contacts capacity of Elari NancoPhone C. (Photo Credits: Elari Official Website)