WTF India: Being gay in India is a sin or freedom of choice?

Amidst the fight to legalize homosexuality, there are a lot of homophobic people who are stubbornly orthodox. When these people are biased towards the same sex partnership, we somehow realize that we are growing into being a world that judges more, loves less. It doesn’t matter if you blame the society or the government, somehow both do not take the homosexual people’s right to live into consideration.

In this video the team of ‘WTF India’ took to the streets to find out people’s opinion about the gay community. Even though we are celebrating our Independence Day tomorrow,  the right to freedom of the homosexuals still remains hazy. And the reactions of people will overwhelm you when a gay guy asks people if he has a right to live in this society.

Even though homosexuals deserve to live in the society with the so called normal people, there are many who still find it hard to digest this concept. Although there are enough conservative people who believe that homosexuality will bring the  world is coming to an end, there are others who uphold your faith in humanity by giving a more sensible view on the same.

As a sexual orientation, homosexuality is an enduring pattern of attractions primarily or exclusively to people of the same sex. Although the recent demographic stats and political conditions have processed their visibility and classification, there are many gay and lesbian people who are committed in same-sex relationships. The same-sex attractions and orientations per se natural and positive variants of human sexuality, but we seem to live in the dark ages to accept it.

Watch the video to know if God doesn’t hate gay people then who do?