Last year in WWE – WrestleMania 33, Roman Reigns defeated The Undertaker. We were wondering the same will happen this year in WrestleMania 34, where Roman Reigns will keep the chain of victory alive on the Grandest Stage. However, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar easily squashed Roman to retain the title. With UFC president Dana White announcing that Lesnar was set to return to the octagon, immediate speculation ramped up than Reigns would defeat The Beast Incarnate and win the main event at Mania once again. But, Lesnar kept hitting The Big Dog with FV finishing maneuvers, pinning a bloodied and battered Reigns to hold onto the title.

Take a look at the video.

The way the Roman Reigns lose, he himself must be surprised. The match between Roman Renaissance and Brock Lesnar was quite exciting. The show had plenty of surprises, and many were definitely stunned to see Lesnar drop Reigns so easily. The buildup always pointed at Reigns conquering the former UFC Champion, but that wasn’t the case in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday.