It seems the Xiaomi Mi3 has sent the smartphone users in tizzy. The round five sale of the much awaited Xiaomi Mi3 sale on e-retailer Flipkart on Tuesday was over as soon as it begun. The previous four rounds of sale of the fastest Mi phone ever also received the same overwhelming response. The Flipkart has also announced the sixth round of sale next week on August 26th at 6 p.m.

The Chinese phone-maker company had confirmed via it’s official Facebook page that the round five flash sale of Xiaomi Mi3 on 19th August will have 20,000 units up for grabs. The phone will be sold on India’s e-retailer Flipkart at 2:00 pm. The high-end featured smartphone had already received more than 75,000 registrations from the willing buyers.

For the August 12 sale a total of 150,000 members were registered to buy the phone which is known for its high end features, although only 20,000 phones are available. The sale is based on first come first served basis and a person is allowed to buy only one phone at a time. Registration for the next sale will open on August 12 at 6 pm.

The blink and miss sale left many potential customers disappointed and they argued that Flipkart was taking for a ride. How can the sale be over in seconds? Customers argued as they were able to order even after five minutes from the start of the sale. Innumerable customers were unable to place their order as Flipkart displayed ‘Out of stock’ each time they tried to add their product to the cart. Some said they successfully placed the order by instantly clicking on ‘Add to cart’ option.

If you missed out in the fifth round, you need to check Flipkart for the next round of sale which is to be held on next Tuesday, and register.