Hollywood actress Evan Rachel Wood revealed on Twitter that she had been raped twice. But after the confession, she quit social media altogether! The 29-year-old actress revealed on Twitter in a shocking confession that she was raped on two separate occasions by two people. Evan Rachel Wood’s tweet read, “Well, since everything is out in the open now, figured I would share the confession letter I wrote to @RollingStone in its entirety. #NotOk (sic).” Fearing a backlash and that it should not be misconstrued as a sob story, Evan Rachel Wood temporarily deleted her Twitter handle, saying, “Will be taking a break from social media for the time being. Thank you for all your support and courageous stories. You are not alone (sic).”

Evan Rachel Wood plays Dolores Abernathy in HBO’s Westworld. The actress has a three-year-old son with her ex-husband Jamie Bell. She dated rocker Marilyn Manson for four year and also come out as bisexual. In a letter, Evan Rachel Wood had revealed to the Rolling Stone magazine that she had been sexually abused twice in the form of rape and that it changed her life completely. She also emphasised that the victims of rape or any form of abuse should be pressurised to “get over it” and that it is fine if they never move on from the incident. This is something we agree with. Read excerpts from the letter by Evan Rachel Wood about her ordeal:

“I started questioning my reasons for staying vague about my experiences as a girl growing up in America. I think, like a lot of women, I had the urge to not make it a sob story, to not make it about me. I didn’t have to confirm what happened, what mattered is that s**t happened. Bad. S**t. That still affects me to this day. I think deep down, I also didn’t want to be accused of doing it for attention, or told it wasn’t a big deal, or “that’s not really rape. I will not be ashamed. I will also not project some false idea of being completely over it because “I am so strong”. I don’t believe we live in a time where people can stay silent any longer. I certainly can’t. Not given the state our world is in with its blatant bigotry and sexism. It should be talked about because it’s swept under the rug as nothing and I will not accept this as ‘normal’. It’s a serious problem. I am still standing. I am alive. I am happy. I am strong. But I am still not ok. (sic)”.

“I think it’s important for people to know that, for survivors to own that, and that the pressure to just get over it already, should be lifted. It will remind people of the damage that has been done and how the trauma of a few minutes can turn into a lifetime of fighting for yourself. It’s not that you can’t get over it, it’s just that you are never the same, or maybe I just haven’t gotten there yet. So to answer your blunt question bluntly, yes. I have been raped. By a significant other while we were together, and on a separate occasion, by the owner of a bar. The first time I was unsure that if it was done by a partner it was still in fact rape, until too late. Also who would believe me. And the second time, I thought it was my fault and that I should have fought back more, but I was scared. This was many many years ago and I, of course, know now neither one was my fault and neither one was OK. This was all before I tried to commit suicide and I am sure was one of the many factors. There you have it. (sic)”.

We support Evan Rachel Wood in her fight against sexual abuse.