With the end of February, there is a certain tension and worry in air. Especially around the colleges and schools as the exam fever is just about to set in. while the board exams have already begun, colleges and schools are all set to begin with them and students on the other hand are all geared up to study for the exams. While most people cope up with the stressful environment during exams, it is always better to be stress free. Here are five ways to get rid of the exam fever and stress:

Take breaks

It is a lesser known fact that the human brain cannot concentrate continuously for more than 60 minutes. It is therefore a good idea to take a short break of five to ten minutes every hour. However keep a check on the time, because it’s far too easy for a break of five minutes to end up in 50 minutes. Be time bound and return to your books!

Breathe in

One of the best ways to refresh yourself is by taking a jolt of fresh air. Go out and refresh yourself with a walk. This will not only help in improving your mood but will also help in improving your focus and a nice long walk is always good for the health.

Sleep well

While the stress of exam is bound to change your sleeping patterns and may even leave you sleepless, it is necessary for your body to relax. Sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours. A nice sleep always helps to cheer you up and also improves your concentration!


While students load their systems with caffeine to stay awake and study, it is always better to choose water. Coffee might help you stay awake, but at a cost. It reduces the clarity of your thoughts. Water on the other hand will help you think clearer.


When everything else doesn’t work, there is always music. If music has power to treat clinical depression, it can definitely cheer you up. Enjoy any music of your choice and distress yourself in not more than 5 minutes. Your five minute breaks can be as easy as listening to one of your favorite songs.