Allahabad, April 15: A total of 13 medical colleges in Uttar Pradesh including the ones in Allahabad will have now provide its services online. Patients lodged in the hospitals of these medical colleges will also benefit from this electronic facility. The introduction of this new facility was announced by Allahabad Medical Education Minister Ashutosh Tandon after he had a discussion with UP Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya on the restoration work of hospitals in the city on Saturday. Tandon said that the hospitals which are associated with the medical colleges would be equipped with this e-facility.

With the introduction of this e-facility, patients and doctors would be connected online and the latter would be able to facilitate the patients better. Once the patients register for the online services and fill in the details, the case details of the patient will reach the doctors at their respective department. The government is also looking forward to reach out these services to the students at these medical colleges. Hence, telepathy centers will also be set up for the medical students. The attendance of both students and professors will be conducted online.

Allahabad Medical Education Minister Tandon further said the e-facility services would be available to the public before the starting of Kumbh Mela so that it can cater to a large number of people who inadvertently fall sick during this religious procession. He added that the idea of e-hospital was also being proposed by officials in the city.  Tandon said that UP Deputy CM Maurya appreciated the idea but asked the medical college hospitals to upgrade its system to that of PGI. Maurya also said that the extension of Trauma Center and Super Speciality centre of medical college should be built outside the Allahabad city as many people find it difficult to enter the main city because of traffic woes and hence lose out on life.