New Delhi, April 6: The government has advised parents and students not to fall prey and panic over a YouTube video which apparently claims that CBSE Class 12 political science has been leaked on social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Describing the video as fake and handiwork of a ‘mafia’, Anil Swarup, Secretary, School Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, said attempts are being made to hamper the smooth conduct of board exams.

“Fake leak mafias are at it again. Students and parents are advised not to fall prey to such mischiefs. The Political Science paper purported to have been leaked is fake. Similar attempts were made in the past to disrupt the smooth conduct of CBSE exams,” Anil Swarup said.

After the leak of Class 12 Economics and Class 10 Mathematics question papers, a copy of fake political science question paper is being circulated on the social media. But the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) quickly probed the allegation and declared that it was a fake leak. The CBSE said that the question paper being circulated was actually the compartment question paper of 2017.

Recently, CBSE announced ‘No re-exam for tenth class’ and said it will only conduct re-exam for the 12th economics paper which was leaked on the day of examination. Hundreds of students stepped on to the roads and protested against the re-exam.

Moreover, the Apex Court on 4 April also dismissed all the petitions related the 12th economics re-exam on April 25 and said it will not interfere in the matter of re-exam.