CBSE Class 12th Exam Results for 2017 are barely a week away. As nearly 11 lakh students wait for their results, news for lower percentages this year is spreading panic. Students and parents are worried about the CBSE decision against Moderation from 2017 onwards. While there is a possibility of lower percentages, teachers have come out to pacify the students and provide clarity. reached out to teachers employed in checking of the CBSE 12th Answer Sheets for Board Examinations 2017. Teachers clarify here the actual impact and why students should not be worried.

Teachers agree that no moderation policy is indeed going to have an impact on the results. We had earlier also shared how Changes made by CBSE could effect for CBSE 12th Results 2017. Things seemed to worsen when CBSE wrote to premium varsity, Delhi University, to have considerations this year. Following the news, many national dailies ran a story about a dip of about 10 percent in the marks for students this year. Teachers involved in marking of answer sheets when contacted for comment rubbished the claims. As per teachers, the news is pure speculation and people have not truly understood Moderation and Standardization policy. Explanation for the same is provided below.

Teachers clarified that the dip in percentage is inevitable. This, however, does not mean that students would get 10 percent lower marks. CBSE moderation policy was to provide extra marks over all in order to compensate for the grace marks. While it is likely to assume that the pass percentage this year might be adversely affected, students who have done well in their exams need not worry. The only exception may be that the students would not get spiked marks. As a result, with about 8 or 10 marks less, the dip in percentage would be about 2 percent. Students need to remember that they would be given the marks for what they have attempted. Also Read | CBSE to Rank Schools, focus on academics to improve quality of education.

When quizzed about marking scheme the teacher maintained that it was as liberal as it always is. CBSE is very systematic and strategic while creating the marking scheme. Also, the papers were relatively very easy this year and accordingly, the marking had to be cautious. However, teachers were not instructed to be either too lenient or too strict. The marking scheme was followed as always.

The teacher also shared that the examiner is usually disposed to give marks. “Teachers don’t want to penalize students and most of the teachers employed in correction of answer sheets are considerate and kind.” Shared another examiner. Another senior examiner, employed in checking of answer sheets for the last 15 years commented, “We tend to give marks if the child is able to get the underlying principle correctly. We all have kids and understand the stress. Students are often given the benefit f the doubt.” Related | CBSE 12th Results on May 24, 2017: Here is why results might not be released on this date.

Students, hence, should not worry too much about dip in percentages and getting through to top Universities. It is also mindful to note that 30 Boards have also agreed to the proposal of no moderation. While there is going to be a dip, students should consider their ranking based on their peer group and not what was scored in the previous years. CBSE 12th Results are expected any time after May 24. We also urge the parents to help their kids.