New Delhi, April 16: Delhi High Court on Monday rejected a plea filed by an NGO seeking rescheduling of the re-exam date for class XII economics paper or making the paper optional. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be conducting the exam on April 25 following the paper leak incident.

While hearing the plea, the high court asked the CBSE to establish the records regarding its decision not to conduct the re-examination of class 10 Mathematics paper. Reportedly, class 10 Mathematics paper was also leaked. CBSE, however, issued a notification saying that it cannot afford to conduct the examination again.

A bench comprising Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar was hearing the case. The court also asked CBSE advocate Amit Bansal to find out the reasons for CBSE’s decision of not conducting the class 10 Mathematics re-examination.

The NGO, Suniye, has filed a petition saying that the chosen date for Class 12 Economics paper re-examination was clashing with dates of entrance examinations such as National Defence Academy (NDA) and engineering.

The bench further said that it would be difficult to fix a date which would be satisfactory for all. A news agency PTI quoted, “Whether to hold an exam or not, it is up to the CBSE. It is not up to the court to decide. It is outside our purview. As you are saying NDA exam is clashing. If they again change the date, somebody else will come. On what basis a court can say hold the exam on this day and not on that day? It will be anarchy,” the court said in a statement.

The court also heard a plea filed by Ashok Agrawal where he was seeking to get the CBSE conduct the class 10 Mathematics board exam in April. But he rested his case after CBSE’s decision of not conducting the class 10 re-exam altogether.

CBSE Paper Leak

The CBSE Class XII Economics question paper was reportedly leaked on WhatsApp, a day before the exam; whereas, a teacher received the Economics paper on WhatsApp– he alerted the Board later.