February is almost over and it is that month of the year when lakhs of students get ready to write their final examinations. To each child, examination brings a unique feeling. While some might belong to the category who do not fret the month and look forward to it, a majority still dread it. The moment when the bell would ring and everyone would judge them by how many marks or what grades they get. Even as eminent Child Psychologists reach out to students to help them handle stress, there are still those few who shrug at the term – Exam Stress. You would often hear parents chortling at the term stress…going on a monologue of how this is just a phase and they have seen such hard ships in life. Of course they want the best for their child but the question remains, are they actually doing what is best. This 3 minute video commercial released by Mirinda captures the plight of the students and a must watch for the parents.

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The commercial tagged, #Releasethepressure is a sensitive take on how kids feel about the pressure and hits the nail when they come out with how the maximum pressure a child feels is from their parents. The video is an open letter format and I assure you, if you have a child who is getting ready for an examination, watching this would leave you with tears in your eyes. We recommend you keep a fresh handkerchief ready. If you are a student watching this, share it with your parents. If a parent, then do watch and do share.

The above ad is a done by Mirinda as an initiative for #Releasethepressure. India.com/education strongly approves of such acts. We believe that every child is unique and has the ability to conquer the world. There is, however, the bigger problem of stress and how to handle it. India.com would continue to educate parents on how to handle stress…both with their exam going children and their own stress. We wish all the students the very best of luck. There is no failure in life…just lessons that are learnt.