New Delhi, Jul. 25, 2017: If you are just about eighteen or turning eighteen, then there is good news for you. Getting a learner’s license to drive in Delhi is about to get easier. As per reports, the Transport Minister has suggested that the Delhi Colleges be awarded the authority to issue learner’s license to the students enrolled in its colleges after conducting an online test. Delhi’s Transport Minister, Kailash Gahlot suggested the new system of on the point assessment to be implemented as soon as September.

As per the reports of the plan being readied, the Government is proposing to empower the eudctaional institutes or Delhi Colleges with the authority to isse learners licenses. It is important to note that the college would have to ensure that the student is 18 years old and also clears the online test. The inline test, however, would be administered by the colleges itself. The minimum pass percentage of that would remain at a 6 out of 10.

The Transport Minister has commented that there is an ever increasing pressure in the present administrative set up. Not only is the number of applications on a steady rise, the biggest chuck of the same is in the age group of 18 to 24 years – about 53 percent. This increase in the number of applications for driver’s license in the city from the student population is being cited as one of the reasons why the plan is being expedited. The plan would be reviewed by Manish Sisodia this week and if approved, would be implemented by September this year.

At present, a person needs to apply with an MLO or Motor Licensing Offices. The number of MLO is only 13. The proposal would considerably lower the pressure on these MLO’s. Also, it would be the first time an authority other than an MLO would issue a license. To begin with, however, the plan would only be implemented in Government’s polytechnic colleges and 7 Delhi Government Colleges (including Ambedkar University). Also, the same power would also be granted to 88 colleges of Delhi University. The online test would be conducted at the colleges once a week and if the student is able to pass the test, he/she would be issued a learner’s license by the college itself. Also, the test would be conducted both in Hindi and English.

The move is sure to bring a wide smile on the students eagerly waiting for their driver’s license. Not only would this process bring in a streamlined efficiency to the process, it is also an important step towards providing better transparency to the system.