Gorakhpur, April 11: Students of Gorakhpur’s Darul Uloom Husainia Madrasa are learning Sanskrit as a subject and are enjoying it. The madrasa in Gorakhpur is teaching its students Sanskrit among many other subjects.

Madrasa’s head Hafiz Nazre Alam, while speaking to ANI,  said that Darul Uloom Husainia is a modern Islamic Institute which aims to make its students be at par with the students of other private and government schools. He added that the curriculum was being revised as the madrasas were now upgrading itself. Madrasa’s which are usually known for propagating Islamic theories and religiousness has broken a stereotype this time by introducing Sanskrit as a subject in its curriculum. He further said that Sanskrit is being taught to all students above Class 5 and no objection had ever been raised.

Meanwhile, when students were asked about their views regarding the introduction of Sanskrit, the they exclaimed that they felt good learning the subject, in fact, they are enjoying the subject overall. A student even said that their parents helped them with the subject. Students added that teachers at the madrasa taught the subject in a lucid manner and hence it became easy for them to comprehend.

Education in Madrasas is constantly being upgraded so that students studying there come at par with the students studying in private and government schools. Uttar Pradesh has a large number of madrasas and hence the state government has been taking various initiatives in modernising these institutes. The UP government has even introduced NCERT books in the Madrasas’ curriculum.