Hyderabad, Nov 10: The University of Hyderabad (UoH) on Wednesday suspended 10 postgraduate students for varying periods of time for allegedly intimidating and verbally assaulting officials on November 3. Seven students have been suspended for six months and three students have been suspended for two years from academic programmes and hostels.

The seven students were charged with grave offences. They were found to have refused to “comply with rules”. The three students, who have been suspended for two years each, are accused of stopping the wardens and security staff from discharging their duties. The students were suspended soon after a report was filed by an inquiry committee constituted by Vice Chancellor Prof P Appa Rao.

The university sources said that a team of hostel wardens made a surprise visit to the men’s hostel on the night of November 3 after a complaint that a female student was staying in one of the rooms taken by a male student. When the wardens asked the woman to leave the room immediately, the students including representatives of UoH Students Union and Gender Sensitive Committee Against Sexual Harassment started arguing with them.

A Hyderabad University report said that “competent authority has approved the report and recommendations of the Committee that has held students guilty…”.

“The students also used derogatory language, attempted to intimidate and browbeat the officials including faculty members,” a university spokesman said. The woman, who was not supposed to be there in the men’s hostel, said that she was there to discuss curriculum-related subject with one of the students.

“More than 200 students gathered at the hostel. In any case, the students only questioned the wardens for disturbing them in the late hours and intimidating them,” a student said, adding, “If the woman was at fault, there is a procedure to seek an explanation from her.”

The female student, however, accused the administration of “individually targeting” her.