Mumbai, Oct 9: Mumbai University students protested against the administration’s decision of allotting average marks to students whose papers have been misplaced by the varsity this year. Exam papers of 1,600 students were misplaced by the university. These students said that by granting average marks, their scores will get reduced and affect the overall result.

The University planned to grant students marks for their missing papers by calculating the average marks of all the other subjects in the semester. However, students have a problem with this process as the University has misplaced more than one paper of several students and granting average will reduce their final score.

A university official told DNA that they are putting together a full list of students whose papers went missing and they will notify students soon. He said that if some student had appeared either for one paper only or if all papers are missing, these students will be allotted marks on the basis of average calculation of their fifth-semester marks. (ALSO READ: Students Are Confused Over New CET Exam Pattern)

He further added, “This is a very old, approved practice. Each case would be checked on these norms and marks would be allotted to these students soon”.

The university is yet to announce the status of many students’ pending results and this has angered the students more.