Lucknow, Sep 12: Nearly 5.5 lakh students of class 10 and class 12 have opted out from 2018 UP board examinations in view of the strict anti-cheating measures adopted by the UP government. According to a report by HT, this could be the result of the stern action taken by the UP government in the crackdown of copying mafia in Uttar Pradesh. Although the UP board are yet to carry out a detailed report on the number of students dropping out from board exams, sources have said that 28-30 per cent of such students are likely to be female students.

To take class 10 and 12 UP board exams, students of class 9 and class 11 have to register themselves. UP Board secretary Neena Srivastava told HT that there has been a rise in the number of students dropping out from UP board exams as compared to last year.

“This includes a number of such individuals who had registered under fake names last year but have opted out in light of the various strict measures taken by us to check all malpractices and ensure clean and fair board exams,” she was quoted as saying by HT.

The registration process for class 10 and 12 board exams will end on September 18. However, the students can register themselves till October 10 with late fee of Rs 100. Board officials have said that in last few years, they have witnessed over 95 per cent students registering for the same in last two days.

A senior UP Board official said that they have around 700,000 dropouts among the students who had registered last year. “Even if we deduct 150,000 lakh students who drop out every year, still there is a surge of almost 550,000 students who will not register for the board exams,” he told HT.

In 2016, the UP Board had introduced reforms such as coded copies, stern evaluation and cross checking of marks awarded to the students. “This resulted in an increase in the number of students opting out of the exams,” he said. Another official said that the mafia had started registration of fake names, details and then editing them with the details of their clients.