Mumbai, Oct 4: Nine final year law students filed a writ petition to the Bombay High Court to direct the University of Mumbai to announce the results of answers sheets that were submitted for re-evaluation. First, six students filed a petition last week and even asked HC to extend the admission date for LLM for them. Last Friday, the court instructed the University to allow these six students to submit their admission forms till October 6. After this decision, another group of three students filed a writ petition on Friday asking for the same.

As reported by Mumbai Mirror, the university assured the court that the answer sheets submitted by these six students for re-evaluation will be checked on a priority basis. This decision led another group of three students to ask the court to extend the admission deadline to all the students and not just for a few of them. (ALSO READ: Students Are Confused Over New CET Exam Pattern)

Umesh Yadav, one of the law students told Mumbai Mirror that they filed a petition so that HC recognises their existence and to make the court aware that there are many students waiting like those first six petitioners. If the mark sheets are not reevaluated on time and admission is not done this year, the students will have to lose out an entire academic year.