New Delhi, Oct 18: Good news for banking exam aspirants who want to serve the banking sector as a Clerks. Both IBPS and SBI are bringing out huge number of vacancies for bank aspirants. In this competitive era, banking jobs are considered as most demanding jobs in government sector. At present, young generation is moving towards government jobs and banking is one of the booming sector among all the options. (Read more: SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2016 Result Declared. Check here)

It is notable that the number of banking aspirants have increased to around 5 times in few years. IBPS and SBI are two major recruiting body of government banking sector. It is very important for the candidates to know the differences and similarities between the IBPS Clerk and SBI Clerk Exam. So, which one is better? Our team has tried hard to jot down the pros and cons of being a clerk through IBPS and SBI. (ALSO READ: How to crack IBPS PO Exam 2016 in 30 days: Complete Strategy for Candidates)

SBI Clerk Vs IBPS Clerk Exam: Better Prospects

SBI Clerk ExamIBPS Clerk Exam
The salary package provided by SBI and other Public Sector Banks but for officers, there are four increments in salary offered by SBI compared to other PSBs within inititial years.The basic pay and other allowances are similar for SBI and other public sector banks because all are bound by government rules and regulations.
 SBI is more generous than other public sector banks in business. Even as a clerk, you get petrol allowances, book grant, newspaper allowance etc.State Bank of India offers the full package whereas others only offer some items in that, which is how we can compare the two.
Appointed Candidates will be paid more so that the bank can get more service from you. The work pressure is greater than other PSB. State Bank of India is a brand which you will be reminded everyday when you leave the office.The business figures of state bank of india and other banks sum up the part of work pressure SBI staff have to handle. At other PSBs, work pressure may vary according to place of posting but it will be nowhere near that of SBI.
SBI is the best place to be at (other than RBI). People will respect you more even though you are a clerk and they will ask for your suggestions for investing their money in right places.In terms of social status, SBI is considered as the king and hence, being at other PSBs comes nowhere near to that. .

About SBI

SBI is actively involved since 1973 in non-profit activity called Community Services Banking. All the SBI branches and administrative offices are spread throughout the country sponsor and participate in large number of welfare activities and social causes. Our business is more than banking because we touch the lives of people anywhere in many ways. Our commitment to nation-building is complete & comprehensive.

About IBPS

IBPS started common written exam (CWE) in 2011 for selection of clerks and officers in 29 nationalized banks and regional rural banks across India. It also offers human resource services to LIC, insurance companies, NABARD, IDBI, public sector undertakings and government departments. Today it enjoys a premier position as one of the finest personnel selection test conducting agency in India.