Mumbai, Oct 11: The University of Mumbai has decided to do away with giving extra supplements to students from the first week of November. The decision was taken by University’s Board of Examinations (BoE) for effortless scanning for online assessment.

The decision was taken after some students complained that they didn’t get marks for answers written in a supplement. Several students were also given just single-digit marks. This indicated that only their supplements were assessed. As reported by Times of India, over 36,000 students opted for supplements during the exam in April-May 2017.

A University official told TOI that many students failed to write their exam beyond 40 pages in the answer booklet during the two-and-a-half hour paper. He added, “Unlike before when supplements had four pages, the current practice is to give away a fresh answer booklet of 40 pages as a supplement. It is also a colossal waste of stationery”.

Another official said that supplements’ scanning might prove a barrier for the decision of implementation of online assessment.

This year, papers of many students have gone missing who opted for supplements during the exams in April-May ’17 exams. These students were marked absent by the university. A source said that there’s no proof of the papers going missing. These papers must have gone missing during the scanning process.

The principal added, “The supervisor can see the answer booklet and decide if a student genuinely needs a supplement. Several students leave few pages blank assuming they would use it later. If 36,000 supplements were used in the last exam, why should we deny it to even one genuine student”. (ALSO READ: No Clarity About Results by University of Mumbai; Students to go on Hunger Strike)

However, students seem to be unhappy with the university’s decision. A law student told TOI, “Why should a student be denied a supplement if he genuinely has to write? A student who has larger handwriting will need more pages”.