The results may or may not be made official today despite the accurate number being bombarded on every possible media device from smartphones to television sets to the radio but what we do know for a fact is that India will have a new government at the centre and Narendra Modi will mostly take the oath before becoming the next Prime Minister of India on May 21. It is still left to be authenticated but even senior Congress leaders are expressing relief that Rahul Gandhi seemed least bothered in forming the government despite having all the right connections and the right name to continue the dynasty too.

What we, the people of India, really need is not a man or a woman but a person with iron resolve and the ability to stick to the principles so that the ultimate winner is the country rather than people of the country suffer over the greed of a handful of the population who misuse the power entrusted to them by the Constitution of India to uphold and exercise the true nature

There are no irrational demands, no loopholes in the law to exploit it or any gibberish. All that the nation wants to know is that when will we get the basic infrastructure and basic advantages of a simple and decent livelihood in this country without having to pay through the nose for it.

Infrastructure improvement

Get rid of reservation and respect the power of merit

Corruption has to be done away with

Improve Health care system

Provide decent education to all

Be open to scientific solutions for optimum utilization of resources

Emancipate the youth to let them explore their true passion

Be strict on those who disrespect the law of the land

Treat all Indians as one irrespective of any criteria