In a statement against Congress’ prime ministerial candidate Rahul Gandhi that sparked furor, Baba Ramdev has landed himself in a pickle. The yoga guru, who makes no bones about showing his support for BJP, has managed to raise more than a few eyebrows by making the following statement,

“He goes to Dalits house for honeymoon and picnic. Had he married a Dalit girl, then his luck could have clicked and he would have become the Prime Minister”. He also went so far ahead as to say that unlike Rahul, he and Mr. Modi had not become fakirs under compulsion. Taking a potshot at the Congress’ President Sonia Gandhi, he also claimed that it was because of her that Rahul didn’t marry a foreign girl.

While Mr. Modi is taking a pro-development stance this election, by focusing on the wonders of the Gujarat development model his party doesn’t seem to follow suit with their anti-secular (and in this case, casteist) comments.  The UP-in-charge and the BJP PM-in-reckoning’s closest aide – Amit Shah, Mr. Giriraj Singh are amongst the few who have welcomed controversy with their statements, these elections. Although Modi has come out strongly against the latter, he seems to have no words when it comes to Ramdev’s foot-in-the-mouth syndrome.

While BJP was quick to slam Azam Khan and Mulayam Singh’s remarks on women on public television and social media, its sluggish (and rather meek, if we may add) response to its very own party candidates’ inappropriate comments is rather appalling. Even Modi, who claims to treat everyone equally issued just a two-liner on social media against Giriraj’s hate speech doesn’t seem to consider any inappropriateness in the statements issued by his party members to rev up the rallies. He is equally quick though in slamming Rahul in all his television interviews and rally speeches. Though we might add, he doesn’t stoop down to the level set by his fellow compatriots.

We thought we had seen it all – with the mud-slinging, and the occasional drawing of the secular card by all parties. With Ramdev’s newly added blooper to BJP’s list that refuses to stop increasing and Mr. Modi’s silence, we are forced to wonder whether NaMo will hold true to his word of giving every citizen of India an equal status. After all, if he and his party can point fingers at the opposition, we believe their hands should be clean as well.