By Raghav Gakhar
Here, I will list all the reasons why I will not vote for Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial  candidate Narendra Modi. Before that I want to make it clear that I was a hardcore BJP supporter and my family has always voted for BJP in Rajasthan. But over time I realised that BJP and Congress are two different sides of the same coin or in simpler words they are similar wine in different bottles.

I know this blog might receive many abuses by crazy Modi Army who are never short of abuses 24 x 7 on social networking, but writing this is necessary to clean the illusion created by BJP.

1. Ticket to Criminal Candidates :

A report in Hindu says that 57 members of Gujarat cabinet have criminal cases on them. Well, I seriously don’t understand how my India will shine under criminal candidates.  Can BJP stop giving tickets to criminals ? if yes,then I can think to vote for them.

2 . Right to Information Act (RTI) –

RTI activists in Gujarat are suffering , their RTI Applications are not responded and thousands of RTI applications are pending. Gujarat RTI Activists Association, which has around 5,000 members, says that there are around 14,000 RTI applications pending at different stages in various departments of the state government. According to them, these RTIs can expose Corruption on larger scale. So stopping an RTI and Modi ji wants India to be like USA, no that is not possible if you stop the Right To Information for your citizens. 

Apart from this , why Modi has to keep tainted minister in his Cabinet? Many RTI activists have received threats to life , RTI Activist Amit Jethwa was murdered and BJP MP Dinu Bogha Solanki has been held . Freedom of knowledge and Free Speech which can threaten the govt is silenced . BJP MP arrested for RTI Activists Murder

3. Weak Lokayukta : 

In  April2012, Modi ji passed a new bill, The Gujarat Lokayukta Aayog which allows him to
1. Choose the Lokayukta of his own choice.
2. Block Lokayukta from investigating any cases against himself or his cabinet ministers.
3. Remove the primacy of high court chief justice and the governor in the appointment of Lokayukta. Read

Supreme Court Upholds Gujarat’s Lokayukta Appointment And Mr Modi was slammed

Is this what you call a strong Lokpal, when you criticize central government for bringing strong Lokpal, Mr Modi? If this is what you call a strong Lokpal, then all corrupt politicians would have backed Anna Hazare for this bill.

4. No Riots after 2002:  Narendra Modi ji has claimed Many times that there are no riots in Gujarat after 2002, any intelligent person would try to do a re-search on this claim . No Riots in Gujarat in Last 12 years – Modi

Facts : Large scale riots happened within Vadodara in 2006 (no coincidence that next Gujarat elections were in 2007), Apart from that, regular stream of incidences involving arson, stone-pelting, stabbing, lynching etc kept on happening regularly all over Gujarat – Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Dohad, Veraval etc.


1. Vadodara: Centre sends para-military help (2006).

2. Delhi-wary Modi calls in the army. Modi calls Army. Apart from these there are many riots which I am listing below for reference. So, its very normal to be rioting in any place of India and Gujarat is no-different.

3.11 hurt in Communal Clashes in Rajkot

4. Curfew in Parts of Dahod After Clash

5. 26 shops Gutted in Kodinar Violence

6.  Violence in Gujarat town,3 dead

7. Three Die in Vadodra Clashes 2004

8. Gomtipur Violence

9. 30 people hurt in Clashes between Hindus and Muslims in Ahemdabad,2006

10. Tension Brews Violence spreads to Kalupur- 2010

Either I am wrong or Mr modi forgets deaths of people so easily.

4. False Promotions and fudging of facts , there are many examples of the same. i will list out some.

a) Claim: Modi Claims that Gujarat has generated 25 lakh jobs generated in 2009 link and also said that jobs generated will be 52 lakh in 2011 . 52 lakh jobs in 2011.

Truth: Planning Commission Employment Report, page no 126, suggests that, number of people employed in major sectors has come down from 25.3 million in 2004-05 to 24.65 million in 2009-10. Check Page number 126, Planning Commission Employment Report

So, these high figures are for what when the jobs have gone down from 2004 to 2009 ?

b) Education : let’s look at the Gujarat’s education Sector .

Gujarat is the worst state in the country, when we look at the reading, writing and math skills of the rural students. Planning Commission reports Education Report. Only 7% of Gujarat’s class 5 kids can read English sentences, way below all India average and it’s better not to compare with other states.

ASER survey taken in Jan 2013, shows clearly this fact. ASER survey

A  major part of survey was reported by DNA which can be read here. Gujarat’s Class 8 literates can’t read.

Its clear that Mr Modi is too busy in infrastructure and building roads that he doesn’t have time for future generations, he is aware that they can’t vote.

b) TOURISM : Under Modi, Gujarat has turned out to be the visitors favourite destination in India. this is a quote from Modi’s website : Potential of Gujarat Tourism 

Here is a quote from Modi’s website :  ‘In the last year Gujarat got over 22 million tourists and witnessed a tourism growth rate of over 16%, which is double of the national tourism growth rate. From Rs 30 crore in 2005-2006, the tourism budget today is Rs 500 crore.’

As recorded in Gujarat’s official tourism website Gujarat Tourism.

Number of tourists during 2010-11 = 19,811,936 (19.8 million)
Number of tourists during 2011-12 = 22,354,665 (22.3 million)

Anyone who can do simple calculation would find out that, increase is around 13% (12.8% to be exact) and not 16% as Modi tells the nation.

c) FALSE CLAIMS Automobile majors are flocking to Gujarat because of great industrial climate Modi has created. 

Fact: Plain lie. Tata was given sops estimated to be worth Rs 30,000 crores over a period of time for investing only a fraction (Rs 2,000 crore) in Sanand, Gujarat. That’s what brought Nano to Gujarat. Modi Team confirms Mega Loan For Tata 

Modi Gives Rs 30,000 crore loan to Tata : Free public money in form of Rs 9,570 crore loan as the interest is 0.1% and payment time is 20 years (23% of Gujarat’s budget for that year). Plus, usual sops of tax and duty exemption, infrastructure development and 100 acres of land near Ahmedabad for township. Which businessman will refuse such a deal? link –> link

d) Claim: Gujarat is only state in the whole India to provide 24*7 and 365 days electricity to almost all of its 18000 villages.  Modi to Mulayam: Modi to Mulayam: Making Gujarat means providing 24/7 electricity

Fact : Plain Lie . This is a two part claim

1. 100% village electrification
2. Gujarat’s leadership in electricity availability to its populace

Gujarat’s villages were fully electrified by 1996 (or even before), Modi has no role in 100% village electrification.  Electrification of villages, Page 23, Annual Report 1996-97, Ministry of Power

Moving on to availability of electricity, refer to a report of Census 2011, Availability of Electricity Census 2011

Percentage of households using electricity as the source of lighting in Gujarat is 90.4%, ranked 14th behind big states like (TN 93.4, Andhra 92.2), many smaller states and UTs. Thus, Gujarat is not the leader in providing electricity to its populace. Interestingly, Gujarat rank fell from 12th in 2001 Census to 14th in 2011 Census.


Every Gujarati is in love with Modi

Fact: Less than 50% Gujaratis are voting for Modi and around 40% are voting for Congress. BJP’s high vote share pre-dates Modi.

Vote % share gujarat elections.

Vote per cent share Gujarat elections.


In last General Elections (2009) in Gujarat, vote share difference between BJP and Congress was only 3.5%. Correspondingly, seats won BJP 15 and Congress 11.

In India electoral systems, winners are based on seats won in which Modi/BJP is clear winner, but that does not mean everyone in Gujarat is voting for Modi/BJP. Within Gujarat Congress too have a healthy vote share in range of 40%.

Source: Election Commission of India

F)  False Claims: Gujarat’s agricultural growth is 10-11% , modi proudly says this fact and writes on his official website too Gujarat Agricultural growth

Fact : Plain lie. In last 6 years, Gujarat’s agriculture had -ve years of growth -1.08% (2007) & -8.71% (2009), and a zero growth year 0.3% (2010). Gujarat has had a very peculiar growth rate for agriculture. Although I have to say that the Sardar Sarovar Project has had a huge impact on agriculture in Gujarat. gujarat agriculture

Page 61, GDP by Industry of Origin, Data for use of Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission.

Furthermore, another data table of Ministry of Agriculture, mentions Gujarat’s agriculture from 1996-97 to 2010-2011 (not given whether it is at constant/current price or gross/net DP), to have frequently years of high negative growth and high positive growth, the variance is so high, by selecting a year, the corresponding growth can significantly change over a period.

Page 53, GDP by Industry of Origin, Data for use of Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission

By no stretch of Imagination Gujarat has 10-11% Agriculture growth, if that be would the farmers do suicides in Gujarat? Yet another lie exposed from RTI. What drove 135 Gujarat farmers to suicide?

One more interesting read on suicides of Farmers in Gujarat . -> Sudden rise in farmer suicides in Gujarat.

Gujarat is the only state in country to have “high speed wireless broadband” service in its all 18000 villages.
Fact: BSNL brought that to Gujarat. Ironically this is one of deals for which former Telecom minister A Raja is under investigation.

BSNL, US’ Soma Networks in tie-up for largest WiMAX deal.

SNL Launches India’s First High-speed Wireless Broadband Network in Gujarat

Now,they say its the only state in the country ,is it so ? No. Wimax comes to Goa

Incidentally, BSNL-SOMA WiMAX deal is under investigation in corruption saga of former Telecom Minister A Raja. A Raja may be booked in BSNL’s WiMax deal.

In other words, its A Raja, who bought WiMax to Gujarat. 


Modi made the Asia’s biggest solar plant.

Intending: Solar energy revolution was started by Modi.

Fact: Solar energy revolution in India was started by UPA govt in 2010. JLNSM was launched on the 11th January, 2010 by the Prime Minister. The mission has set the ambitious target of deploying 20,000 MW of grid connected solar power by 2022. Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission

Since launch of the JLNSM, the capacity of solar power projects has grown from 8 MW in January 2010 to over 979 MW in the country. Progress under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission

Clearly Rajasthan and Gujarat, being the biggest desert states in India, solar program was likely to have the largest impact there. Due credit to Gujarat though that it beat Rajasthan to first place

H) Also Modi PR people have claimed that “The entire length of SSNL canal network in Gujarat is around 19,000 kilometres and if even 10 per cent of it is used for this type of projects it could generate 2,400 MW of clean energy annually.” People have touted him as if he was the inventor of the idea of putting solar panels over the canals. 

Fact: Again Plain Lie. First and foremost, the World’s first over the water solar power project is in California, United States. It’s functioning over a pond since April 2011 (picture above and below). Thus, there is nothing original about the idea of solar panel over water nor Gujarat is first to implement that.

Forget 2,400 MW, not even 2MW is a reality.
In last one & half year, after 1MW launched in April 2012, not a even one MW more is added. At best there are few “announcements” of Gujarat government to fund 10-20 MW. No news of any further construction as of now. Perhaps Gujarat’s bureaucracy knows; the whole thing was just a publicity stunt, why waste more money on this one.

The 0.75 km is the total length of the existing canal top solar panels; somehow fan boys are convinced that 1,900 km (2,500 times) is being covered on war footing and try to force this lie with full rhetoric over anyone skeptical.

Just to add, the original purpose of Narmada canals, to bring water to parched lands of Gujarat (a high priority task for any Gujarat CM), as of now remains way behind schedule. Only 35% of the total 75,000 km canal work is complete and in Modi’s 10 years as CM, 10,000 km is dug. Modi’s announced deadline of year 2010 for the task expired 3 years back. 

dry facts

I ) FALSE MODELS: Gujarat model of governance – Clean and corruption free.  

Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India has come up with many reports on How Modi government gave undue benefits to corporates resulting in several hundred crores loss to exchequer. CAG report

Apart from this, there are many allegations of him providing land at Rs 1 sq/ft to Adani , 17 scams of Gujarat govt can be read here – > 17 Scams that Narendra Modi doesn’t want to talk.

j) Gujarat has lost zero man days due to labour unrest (strikes, lockouts etc.), Modi ji in his videos and his speeches many times claimed the same. 

Plain lie : Check the annual report of Union finance ministry – The economic survey for the year 2010/11 (page no. 235 – 236), It clearly shows the “maximum incidences” of strikes and lockouts were recorded in Gujarat. Wage and allowance, bonus, personnel, indiscipline and violence were the major reasons.

k): Somethings that are not spoken about.


There are some things which Modi doesn’t tell you. In social sector, Gujarat is one of the worst performing states in the country. Source: Planning Commission Report on state Wise Population Below Poverty line

And this was not enough that. Now facts coming out that a person who earns Rs 11/ Day is not below Poverty line in Gujarat and so the person who earns below Rs 11/day are 24 lakhs in number. Read Rs 11/day and you are rich in Gujarat.

These were my reasons, apart from that there are many reasons why I wouldn’t choose Modi as my PM. There are 24 hour trolling of BJP trolls on Twitter, Facebook. Their abusive nature and calling other parties with a bad name. Let’s know that showing disregard and abusing are two different things. Many of the journalists are being threatened if they say against Modi and they have shown disregard on Twitter and some of them even have been fired because they write against Mr Modi. Must read -> Why Sagarika Ghose can no longer criticize Modi.

Apart from that, the silence of BJP on section 377, their links with LTTE funded Viako (please Google for that), Baba Ramdev’s and Subharamaniam Swamy’s dual nature forces me to not vote for Modi. Silence of BJP big wigs in Asaram Bapu case too is worrying . Apart from it, Wikileaks never said Modi as fully uncorrupt and the whole cable tells Modi to be communal and a ruler by few means and corruption in Oil refinery is evident.

Wikileaks Cable on Modi Wikileaks, I see fake claims which say Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said “US Does not want Modi to be the PM because they are scared ”, that too is a plain lie. Half of the followers of Modi are fake, he purchases sponsored likes on Facebook, who funds BJP? Can BJP be transparent about its funds? Why BJP was funded Rs 1 crore by Dow Chemicals – the company responsible for Bhopal gas tragedy? Can BJP explain?

As if these reasons are not enough, Modi ji tongue slips many times. He said Mohandas Gandhi as Mohanlal Gandhi, said Alexander came till Bihar, Takshila was in Bihar and what not! He is a good speaker no doubt but speaking facts is too much too ask for.

Lastly this also is the link where Modi fans have claimed what all I explained. Facebook post.

Why Narendra Modi allotted land to Indian Air Force at the cost of 8-9 times more than the market price ? land to IAF

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Raghav is a blogger. He tweets @Spread_Revolt