With election campaigning at its peak, political parties are trying every possible thing to woo voters in the country. While majority of the voters this election are the youth, politicians all across are working harder to gain their trust so they vote for them. How can the Election Commission of India be left behind when we talk about elections. 2014 Lok Sabha election in India, is going to be the largest election in the world and its importance is very well gauged by the political parties and the Election Commission as well.

While the last elections were fought on different issues, this time the elections are being fought on one major issue, development. Everyone is trying to target the first time voter who can play a major role in deciding the next government. The Election Commission of India is also playing a very crucial role in creating awareness among people all over the country, so that more and more people participate in the electoral process.

The Election Commission of India, to begin with, redesigned its website making it more user friendly. The new interface of the website has many features which include voter registration, applying for voter I-Cards, information regarding the elections, different political parties etc. It also provides detailed information regarding what to do and what not to do while you go for voting. It also provides the facility to check whether you have been registered or not as a voter, it also has a facility for NRIs who want to register themselves.The Election Commission of India celebrated 25th January with great emphasis this year, as the National Voters day, so that people get to know about their right to vote.

The Election Commission of India also initiated a campaign in some parts of the country convincing people to vote for candidates who are pro-development and dump criminals and the corrupt. It has also urged voters to beware of those who offer bribes.  The campaign has been initiated as part of a systematic voter education and enrollment Program that will be extended across the country. The Election Commission of India has also been emphasizing on the need to acknowledge the right to vote which is not just a vote, but a responsibility too.

Like a trend now, the Election Commission has started its voter awareness programs by roping in different celebrities like, Aamir Khan, Soha Ali Khan, various singers and bands. Last time, it had roped in bands like Indian Ocean and Palash Sen‘s Euphoria which performed at some places and tried to encourage the youngsters. The latest celebrity to join the list is our own comedy master, Kapil Sharma who has been linked with the Delhi Election Commission.

This year as well, it has tried to involve different bands like Euphoria that have performed in Delhi already. While the Election Commission of India is trying hard to create awareness among voters, and enthusiasm to participate in the elections, it has never been clear whether these methods prove to be fruitful or not.