Everyone is aware of Kamaal R Khan‘s antics to seek attention, but this time it seems he has taken his attention seeking tactics to another level! KRK was going contest from North West Mumbai constituency as an Independent candidate, but at the end it withdrew his nomination. After Narendra Modi‘s win, it seems like the KRK has gone bonkers. But the good news is that, he will be leaving India and shifting to Dubai. The reason behind KRK’s this decision is BJP’s clean sweep in the Lok Sabha elections results.



KRK went bizzare on social networking site Twitter and appreciated the would to be Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Earlier, he had predicted that Modi won’t win the elections, but after he won, KRK started to praise him and his abilities. KRK had also promised that he will leave India if Narendra Modi wins the elections. And we must say he is keeping his words.


We guess, Bollywood will be thankful to Narendra Modi. Many people tried to stop KRK but it’s Narendra Modi who was successful in doing that!

What would you say to KRK. Goodbye or Good riddance?

Photo Credits: Jyoti Desale