Photo: DNA RnA
Photo: DNA RnA

Arvind Kejriwal in an interview to ET accepted that his decision to quit as Delhi CM was a mistake and may cost him dearer in this election. He also added that he has no regrets for his decision on the principle basis but accepting that the decision was taken in haste and it caused a communication gap between the party leadership and supporters has ignited something for sure. First committing a mistake and then admitting it has been a common habit of AAP leaders in particular and other political leaders in general. Many a time, they have been accepting if they did some wrong and they have even apologized on a number of occasions. A recent example from the past events is the clash between AAP and BJP workers outside BJP office, led by their senior leader Ashutosh for which Ashutosh along with other senior leaders apologized later.

Accepting a mistake is a welcome step but the timing of acceptance is certainly questionable. Seems like Kejriwal has realized the fact that his support has substantially gone down since the time he stepped down as Delhi CM leaving the people of Delhi confused and quite unhappy.

He may have done it to gain the lost faith that his supporters once had in him as this statement has come at a time when voting is already done for more than 100 seats. AAP’s performance as per the opinion polls is not going to be that pleasant as it was in Delhi Assembly polls.

He also admitted that a section of his supporters wanted Modi as PM and him as CM. But according to him, this will not affect the party prospects as the chunk of Modi supporters is too small.

Although he always tries to hide it but Kejriwal’s desperation is clearly evident in his statements. Elections in Delhi are over and he might be well informed that the people of Delhi have not supported AAP the way they did last time. Eyeing the land slide in his strong hold, Kejriwal took no time in realizing the need of the hour as he still has a long way to go.

If he had to just admit the mistake he could have done it anytime but doesn’t this show that he was just waiting for the perfect time?

The confusion in understanding his strategies still continues but one thing is clear that he has already stepped into that mainstream orthodox politics of which he used to say, he will stay aside.

His eyes are right on the bull and he is ready to do whatever it takes to hit the bull’s eye.