The battle of Delhi seems one-sided
The battle of Delhi seems one-sided


By Shubham Nag

New Delhi, May 16: With just 7 seats to vie for, Delhi isn’t counted as a game-changer in the Lok Sabha Elections 2014 nor does it play a great role in the formation of the next government, yet being the political centre of the country, Delhi has always grabbed more than a handful of eyeballs as a state election.

What makes Delhi as very intriguing battleground this year is the fact that Congress (which won all the 7 seats in 2009) is set to be defeated and annihilated by the BJP and Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP. And of course, who can forget the fact that AAP had started its rampage from the capital. Having won 28 seats to BJP’s 31 during the last assembly elections in the union territory, one would have thought that AAP is the name to contend with in Delhi during the 2014 polls.

But the way matters panned out since then, the way the Arvind Kejriwal broom cleared the floor only to fall flat on their heads, the equation has again shifted to BJP’s favour. If exit polls are to be believed, AAP is expected to get anything between 0-2 seats. Or how they say in simpler words, they may come out empty-handed.

Exit polls have further suggested that BJP is set to win around 45 per cent of the seats, which is a clear 14 per cent ahead of AAP. Congress being out of the picture became clear when they lost the assembly elections badly. But expert suggest that BJP outscored AAP handsomely because the Delhites want a national representative.

Probably the message on the wall couldn’t be clearer than this.

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